Thursday jam: not a happy song

R.I.P. in de eeuwige jachtvelden


dress to impress

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My son picks his own outfits in the weekend. Since his likings are mostly not so practical I do not incorporate this habit during schooldays.

This lederhose i bought once in Berlin, never imagined he would love it so much.. The cap is embroidered with the logo of a Dutch sockerclub called FC Twente, a big hit because we live in competitive area. hahaha.

I am looking forward to what he will wear tomorrow!

also: happy weekend! and for yall americanas happy 4th of july!

When I was studying architecture this song had a revival and was everywhere. I love how music can bring you back to places in the past.

back by dope demand

Together with all the artist and craftspeople in the collective downstairs I participated at the apotheose of 'the week of sustainability' that was held on the 11th of june. Several workshops with a recycle-theme, exhibitions, music, free organic drinks and cake, a mobile garden project and artstudents selling handmade tees for a good cause made the day absolutly succesfull and fun. We closed the deal with a (veggie) BBQ and drinks.

So I tributed with a 'make your own awesome bracelet' thing. It wasn't even a real workshop. Basicly I just provided the tools, leather bits and pieces, rivets and snaps and some assistants. Further it was up to ones own what to make of it. Whoohoo what a blast! My table was full and busy the whole day and I hadn't even time to think. People really enjoyed it and made the most stunning cuffs and bracelets. Because of all the enthousiasm i am now planning on doing this more often!

***sawwy for the crappy iphonepictures***


Craft Talk

OMG. hahahahaha thank you Leslie Hall for saving the day. Infinite love.


Free shipping on Etsy: Happy Mothersday!!

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**** picture taken by my son <3

My 4th mothersday!! Breakfast in bed and much more kisses and hugs today then usual, yay!! For all mothers and children to celebrate life I am having a free shipping coupon on Etsy today! just enter code : mothersday at the checkout.


The Butterfly Effect

Or, how I ruined my favorite jacket. Boohoo I have learned the lesson in a hard way, never will I be too lazy to go to the drycleaners again. Ah well, i thought. What could go wrong if I just put it in my washingmachine and use the wool/handwash programm?

This beautiful jacket with gorgious butterlfies and versace-esk ornaments came out and the black had bleed. NO no no!

Since I refuse to cry about material things I decided i could use my secret devistation and turn the power into a recycling project!

vintage silk, vintage cotton, remnents from Kalla and the butterflies are now cute little coinpurses.


Je t'aime my vintage ballet flats from Liza Zain

Finally the weather gives the right mis en scene to wear my perfect ballet flats I bought from Liza Zain on etsy in fall last year. hurray. she has an amazing shop with vintage shoes and regular updates!

mini shop update!


Happy Queensday 15% discount on Etsy!!

Today we celebrate the Queens birthday. Thrifting, eating, drinking and talking with long lost friends, strangers and in general having a blast. Do I think of the queen? not really, it's just a traditional, crazy fun day off.

And because were all queens in our own universe I will have 15% off all items in my shop today! just enter the code 'queenforaday ' at the check out:)

Homemade Sriracha is Heaven

Altough I am a fan of spicy sauce I do not like it hot hot heat. The famous Sriracha sauce is a bit too hot for me and thai sweet chili sauce too sweet. So I tried to make something in between. And boy I really succeed, this sauce is my new love, addiction and eat it with everything.

Puff pastry filled with beets and lentils, a salad with cilantro and ailoli plus a generous amount of my Sriracha

Mashed potatoes, baked tempeh ,cauliflower and....sriracha

First I put a whole bulb of peeled garlic cloves in an empty jar with two red and one green long pepper, a piece of fresh ginger , theespoon of salt and apple vinegar. I let it sit for 24 hours and then put it on the stove with two tablespoons of sucanat(whole cane sugar)for an hour.
After a spin in the kitchenmachine it was too thin and a bit tasteless so I added a tablespoon of agavesirop, a tablespoon homemade gingersirop and let it simmer until the right thickness. Holy Mackarel this stuff is heaven!! A bit spicy, not too sweet and major garlicy just the way I like it.


Vegan Potpourri

A few of my own vegan concoctions I have tried recently....

1-sushi with avocado, carrot and cucumber; pickled ginger and tamari
2-whole wheat/spelt bread with nuts, seeds and dried fruit
3-vegan minced meat filo pastry pie
4-pumkin, potato, veg meat named corn, soy and sellery gratin
5-chickpea salad
6-tosti vegan cheezly and fresh herb soycream. also; mega ultra amount of garlic.
7-dutch andijvie stampot with oatcream, mushrooms, a drizzle olive oil and lots of black pepper



One of my cardholders was on the FP at etsy.com tonight. A crazy beautifull treasury made by Tree & Kimball. ( check out her fab lace jewellery!!) I sold the cardholder, recieved a skyhigh amount of hearts yeah! After I got back on my feet I tweeted to T&K to thank her and she told me she got a cardholder for christmas... The whole scene rolled out for my eyes and i saw a room with gifts and santa claus and people and food and wrappingpaper. Something I made was also present? In Philadelphia ?! There goes the distance. I feel a script is waiting to be written. Something between Dr.Who, the Big lebowki and Blue in the face.

Well, Goodnight yall.. one more herbal tea and I am off to, almost sure to be a generous and crafty dreamland.


Renew Fabrics from Berlin

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I am in LOVE! with my new handprinted reclaimed fabric from RenewFabrics.
totally up my alley, this artist collects second-hand fabric locally, then prints on it with manual techniques to give it a second life, thus also encouraging a more sustainable use of fibers.

I am fantasizing often about printing my own linings. I have a huge amount of reclaimed and vintage fabric waiting for a use. However one can do only so much, I just haven't got the time at the moment so I am very happy to buy it from RFabrics on etsy! The beautiful red printed cotton is going to be the lining of some new pouches. In de past I have worked on my own reclaimed fabric project. It was my graduation project at the masterprogram MV&S, called UBERHIP. At the time I wanted to develope it into a real brand, selling in stores and on the internet. Something came in between : my boy! Maybe baby, one day....


adsense : nosense?

hereby my sincere appologies for ads by google that are stupid and commercial.
I thought I could have non-profit ads only but i am a dork and now I don't know how to change this. somehow an advertiseblock appeares on the bottom of my messages.....
DIOS MIO!! I will have this fixed asap!


Created By Storm: {Spotlight on my Etsy Favorites: SALM}

Created By Storm: {Spotlight on my Etsy Favorites: SALM}: "Scarves & colorful one of a kind leather pieces! Count me in! How can you go wrong with anything from spectaclealamaison.etsy.com! She uses ..."

My work is featured on this lovely blog, go check it out! Thanks again Sarah!!


SOMETHING to go with that.....

Mini shopupdate tonight in the midnight hour

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happy first weekend in 2011! It's been quite a week after christmas/holidays/illness. I've been running from left to right and back and beyondz , still behind on schedule. ... ah well, my frigidaire is stocked , my boy happy at home and we're not going anywhere this weekend. Will continue to work through my to do/convo list tonight and in between.

Furthermore we will take walks, bake and craft.

Also tonight: shopupdate! >>> some cuffs, underwater wallets and kasmir sjawls. It's foggy and dark so I had to pimp th epictures a bit.

enjoy your weeknd!!


2011 is THE place to be!

For this year I broke one of my habits to trade it for another one. Never have I made any resolutions when a fresh new year started. I might even mocked about that global tendency a tad. I know, i'm sorry. So what is this resolution that is making me turn my back to my principles?

Are you ready? It is something I am working towards slowly for awhile now. This year I am taking my animal friendly diet to the next level: No More Dairy Products!! Soyamilk is already a steady ingredient in my household to use in coffee, pancakes etc. HOWEVER I still use eggs occasionly and my haute cuisine gratins, oh how I love thee, won't be the same without the double creme and cheese. What will my life be without cheese?? I did not want to think about it. Untill now. Good grieve.

BUT. I am strongly against factory farming . AND I have serious doubts breastmilk from a cow is something my body needs. I mean, seriously? Why eat cheese then you ask? Well because it's so damn tasty and I love it in all it's varieties. Which is the worst excuus ever to do something right?

I won't go cold turkey though. I need some time to adjust and learn about alternatives and dive into the vegan community to find out what workes for me.


so far I have made:

-vegan muffins: total failure but tasty enough to eat..
-vegan boerenkool/mashed potatoes and kale with onion gravy and sundried tomato tofu. YUM!
- overnite oats for breakfast >>> I found this recipe on Bonzai Aphrodite.

Here and now, health and compassion, 2011 is the place to be!