Craft Talk

OMG. hahahahaha thank you Leslie Hall for saving the day. Infinite love.


Free shipping on Etsy: Happy Mothersday!!

to the beach!, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

**** picture taken by my son <3

My 4th mothersday!! Breakfast in bed and much more kisses and hugs today then usual, yay!! For all mothers and children to celebrate life I am having a free shipping coupon on Etsy today! just enter code : mothersday at the checkout.


The Butterfly Effect

Or, how I ruined my favorite jacket. Boohoo I have learned the lesson in a hard way, never will I be too lazy to go to the drycleaners again. Ah well, i thought. What could go wrong if I just put it in my washingmachine and use the wool/handwash programm?

This beautiful jacket with gorgious butterlfies and versace-esk ornaments came out and the black had bleed. NO no no!

Since I refuse to cry about material things I decided i could use my secret devistation and turn the power into a recycling project!

vintage silk, vintage cotton, remnents from Kalla and the butterflies are now cute little coinpurses.


Je t'aime my vintage ballet flats from Liza Zain

Finally the weather gives the right mis en scene to wear my perfect ballet flats I bought from Liza Zain on etsy in fall last year. hurray. she has an amazing shop with vintage shoes and regular updates!

mini shop update!