Just Perfect

Sinterklaas or Santaclaes? I haven't decided yet but this is my kind of treat.
Unlimited creative possibilities, eco, fun and goodlooking.

For more great eco-gifts for kids and mama check out this awesome site:
www.shak-shuka.com. Based in the Netherlands but very international founders and they ship wordwide for 7 euro . I am also a new fan of the Tapikid playmats and the soy polish remover


Thursday Shuffle: free

This is my favorite song from Joni Mitchelll, never sang it without crying.
I have several LP's, tape's and CD's of her and she never let's me down.
The music and lyrics lift me up but can also bring me in the right mood when it's time for reflexion, to contemplate or step back a bit from this crazyville virtual global live.


All i want for christmas....

....is this surpriseball from nina namkung!
that must be the ultimate treasure hunt/ thrift fest to open it and you won't even have to leave the house or your comfortable chair. Brilliant.

For sale at http://www.miekewillems.bigcartel.com a supercute shop run by two girls who definitly know all about eye-candy, handmade heaven and retro/vintage pleasure!


Oh No let's go!!!!

Prince gave a concert tonight in Arnhem, The Netherlands, just an hours drive from here. The buzzz is out that he is going to perform somewhere in amsterdam afterwards. An intimate show in a great venue like Paradiso or de Melkweg.


so one for the road ( to Bed) and cheers! to everyone who had the fortune to be there!


Shame Lust : Je T'aime Swedish Hasbeens

These are awesome. I love Hasbeens clogs! Out of reach and not suitable to add to my all-thrift household. The leather is ecologically prepared natural grain though... & they are still handmade with respect for people and the environment in the same small Swedish factory since the 1970's. Hmmmmm, maybe not so shamefull then that I have untamable cravings for especially the knee-high striped rainbow boots?

Wednesday Shuffle: Waiting for the sun

not quite the doors generation but I truly understood the music when I was a teenager.
It still gets to me however my easy-rider/dead poet/wanderer spirit has faded a bit..

tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya...

More vintage tags, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

I promised a shopupdate , the forecasted sun however , has not shown his face yet... Maybe later , this grey wetter is not good for taking pictures


Shop update tomorrow !!

Shop update tomorrow !!, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

new pouches, keyrings and cuffs


Catching up on orders

Catching up on orders, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

I am working hard to get all orders finished. Five packages went to the postoffice today !! Still no internet and i am in dept for at least 80 emails and convo 's . Bear with me please , soon sooner soonest i'll catch up and make it all up to you with à stocked shop , sales and à giveway ! :)


I am not a stranger


Two things made me cry a little today. And while I am typing it, I hear cowboy bill say ìn my head; “ is that a good thing” ? I guess it is.

1: we were on our way to this sandsculpture thing, wich was not what i expected it to be at all and not worth the sweaty trip if you ask me. However, along the way i didn´t realise, until I saw this souvenir shop, that we were walking next to a piece of the wall that was standing between east and west Berlin. It hit me right in the face and I was quite emotional about it. Talking about the real being surreal. Until this day i can´t imagine there was reality for many years. I never got the whole communism ideals anyway. and what about putting a wall around your World to be protected; against what exactly, doesn‘t it come from within? For those of you who don't have a clue, I cant explain what happened in a short writing , i will leave you with this and some links at the bottom.

I am having trouble with believing truth in general , especially when it comes to recent history. With ancient history i can deal with the horrible facts and desaster stories . Not that I confide with it, it´s just easier to digest . I can say how barbarian or what middevel yearks. I can even make yokes about it. Once i made a 'Vive la VOC' diner at a non-profit cafe that contained all kinds of Asian herbs and spices in every course. I mean if it wasn´t for the Dutch and some others (!) that conquered/plundered multiple continents, our menu would not be this diverse . No cinnamon, no cloves, no pepper ,no nothing. It was a terrible period but thank god we have passed that and we are civilised human beings now. Or ?
That is the problem with being confronted with, for instants, this piece of the wall. People I know have experienced it. My grandmother ate tulipballs in amsterdam during the 2th ww,.

2; On our way back to the hotel all the bars and restaurants had a big screen or tv showing the socker game between the Netherlands and Brasil. Almost all Germans were pro Holland and very fierce about it. In the Netherlands somehow World Championship socker always opens up the old wounds of the german reich. I don´t know what the current generation has to do with it but the German socker team doesn´t get the respect that the Dutch team gets over here. And i am putting it nicely. This also gave me goosebums and got me all tearyeyed and I desperately wanted to hug everyone. Which I didn´t because i am a chicken. Instead we went for another perfect pizza outsight at La Romantica (!) and watched the end of the game with noise and yelling coming from every corner. Thank you Berlin for being so proud of your neighbours.

Goodbye lenin

The good german
Der blaue engel
Grauzone eisbaer
The unbearable bastards
Der untergang
Lola rennt



a big cheer for ash & kimmy!!!! these tres jolie et gentile mademoiselles wrote a great piece about SALM! I am having a giveaway at their blog at the same time, so hush hush go over there and participate if you want to get your hands on a wallet!


....und jetzt etwas ganz anderes

At the 4th of july , I will be in Berlin!! if if if you're in the neighbourhood : come and find me at 'Sideseeing Berlin' !


Krystyna Turska

, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

Amazing polish illustrator!!!


Il Faut Manger

I love to eat, I love to cook, I love to watch other people cook, I love greenmarkets, I love foodblogs, I love cookbooks, I love supper clubs. Long time ago when I was in Paris I bought a little artwork at the rue de rivoli 59 . It is a drawing of a cook with the tekst: Il Faut Manger. It became my mantra and friends said yes buy it, it's typical you. So there you go, I confess, I am a foodie.

That doesn't mean I always take the time to cook though. Like yesterday. I made a quick meal that didn't look appetizing but it was delicious!!

Mashed potatoes and leek
lots of garlic
grated cheese
a little sojamilk
veggie italion squares

Some day I would like to host a supperclub or other type of occasional food projects.
Until then I read about and drewel at other peoples events:

not eating out in new york
blondie and brownie
otark productions
sunday suppers


bedtime stories

Ever since I became a mother I am sort of obsessed by childrensbooks (already during pregnancy..). Vintage ones in particular. I really don't want to read a story at bedtime out of a book that is not appealing to me. So I am a vivid childrensbook hoarder now however I am not quite sure if my son is aware of the beauty of his collection. But at least my visual tastebuds are satisfied and hopefully somehow he will grow up appreciating some of the esthetics I try to manipulate him with.........

Part one: Piet Worm

this Dutch artist made the most stunning illustrations. We have four of his books, the one shown here is called: three little horses go on holiday! perfect for the summer.


Je T'aime FRICDEMENTOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are so many talented artist on etsy that it makes having my own shop almost a minor engagement. Well, this having said, that is a bit of an exageration. Solely as purpose to make clear what an important part of my online-business it is to enjoy other peoples work and support artists while shoppping for the ultimate goodies.

One shop I bought from is FRICDEMENTOL. Run by the adorable sweet Ana Raimundo from Portugal. She makes the cutest prints, lavender sachets, paintings and more.


pump up das jam

I ran into this video in awesomeville, etsy's german blog: German music from the 80ties is the best! ever. period.


sundaymarket amsterdam

, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

it wasn't a sunny day as you can see, however it was fun and I had a great time! there was a big heavy cloud hanging over the netherlands , we were lucky with just a few drops and only at the end the cats and dogs. you could feel it in the atmosphere though. everyone was waiting for the storm to get on. hail, heavy wind, massive rain was all a possibility that day...

I met a lot of fellow etsiers and a good friend came to visit and brought some wine. haha . yes it was a great day. Matt from the etsy-berlin team came over for a visit to encounter the dutch. Very friendly happy guy and it was great to meet. In the evening there was a little gathering for dutchies on etsy but saddly I couldn't make it. My boy was just too tired, so we went home as soon as it was possible.

My friend jez, who I share a stand with, was very busy selling her great 'Supershirts' check it out here!

I really need to work on my presentation techniques.. however considering the fact that I came with public transport and my son , I guess it was OK.


and the winner is.....

sorry for keeping you waiting!

congratulations Briana!!


last day for the giveaway!!!

Tomorrow I will let my boy pick a winner:)


oh no, she didn't ....

For almost two years I try to grow my hair, without cutting...
yesterday i got the itch. Suddenly I though my hair was boring and needed a fix subiet. At ten in the evening no salon available, so I decided to do it myself. Ofcourse Desasterville was the only destiny I was heading to. somehow I managed to stop at a very crucial moment and made the decision to let a hairdresser finish the job.

Present time: I am sooooo hapy with my new haircut and just the look on her face when she first saw my coupe du crise, was worth it. My very talented hairdresser did tease me with all the brilliant ideas that could have been, would have been mine if not for my temporarily insanity!


underwater cuff giveaway/ hooray for etsy!!

There is so much to celebrate that i want to share my love and gratitude with you!

- over 700 hearts
- almost 40 sales
- SALM was in the voter for Euro week
_ I got many many many compliments from etsians, thanks so much!
- Salm was featured in an incredible amount of treasuries: love you all!
- at the moment on of my cardholders is featured in this rad artikel about
recycling/upcycling/etc : http://www.etsy.com/storque/spotlight/etsy-finds-clever-renewal-7734/

wuut wuuut!!!! I am a lucky happy person!

just leave a message and I will pick a winner on friday the 23th.
I haven' t put snapbuttons on it yet so I can make it to the size of the winner!!
So don't forget to leave your wrist size and emailadress!!

have a great week:)


we went to a small fleemarket and all he really wanted was this st***d plastic grasshopper....


stuff I am working on

sorry for the crappy pictures...
I am working on several custom orders at the moment.
It's great work and very satisfying!


En route

en route, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

Another package is on it's way! I still find it amazing when a package arrives in for instants Hong Kong, Essen or Orleans.
I always go look in my atlas to see where it is, the place to wich something I made is going. The fact that thousand miles away someone is using/ wearing my work is so exciting and almost surreal. Somehow reality, much more then dreams or fantasy, surprise me and gives me the feeling I am in a fairytale. At the same time I feel more alive because of the energy that comes with it.


the hunter

whuut:), originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

I spent many hours a week on thrifting, browsing the internet and attending fleemarkets to look for fabric, leather, thread, buttons etc etc. Yesterday was a great hunt!! I feel so lucky ever when I find something fabulous. This time it was two big big rolls of vintage fabric!


Baby I am a star!!!

last day etsy voter!!!, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

whuuut!!! can you believe it? I am in an Etsy voter!! today is the last day and already 29 people voted for me!! thank you all so much:)
It is incredible to see my work exposed this way and I had many compliments because of it. I feel like a star.

Today is the last day to vote. The changes I will win this voter are minimal, since the number one at this moment, Maria Goti Joyas, is about 60 votes ahead with exquisite work. ( I am number 24...) However I already feel so thrilled and lucky!


Leute Machen Kleider

My friend Kay from kaylovesvintage send me this fantastic German magazine 'CUT'.
I love Snailmail!!!! It's a great mag about DIY and is full of tutorials, articals about small designerlabels, arts & crafts UZW


such a beautiful day

such a beatiful day, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

yesterday me , my little monster and my good friend Anita went into the woods
for some fresh air , sun and connection with mother earth. What a great
midday it was. We had a coffee on a terras with a little playground and we
could'nt have been more happy , all three of us!


hey mister postman

hey mister postman, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

look at this bird! beautiful handcrafted by astulabee.
I bought it on etsy as a present to myself . It sat
in my mailbox today:) fwiet fwiet. suberb, I love
him x


goooooooooodmorning world!!

I went to see this awesome Belgian band in Haarlem, one month before I got pregnant.
somehow that's the last concert I've been to. WHAAT?? I think it's about time I go out and get me some good oldfashioned live-music:)

hee now , i feel much better, still can't eat (only soup/smoothies) but I predict I will be waving the mumps bye bye tomorrow ( or tuesday) yeah yeah yeah!~


retro make your own clock

retro make your own clock, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

We found this perfect retro clock at the thriftstore last week!
It is complete accept for the tools.., well that's no problem for kamee,

ahum he has more tools then I do

new clutch in the store

new clutch in the store, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

the cute lavenderbag is from fricdementol! I keep it with my bags for a nice smell:)


let's go somewhere

let's go somewhere, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

Cold, snow, rain, wet feet: I'm fed up with king winter.
I want to pack light , hop on a train to a unknown destiny and explore.
I crave for a shot of abroad sensations


a pile of leather

a pile of leather, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

I bought this beautiful leather from a leather company. these are all leftover pieces but so gorgious with gold, silver and crazyville patterns!!


keyrings, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

I had to make something right away; funky keyrings:) at the same time kamee was busy painting....