Vegan Potpourri

A few of my own vegan concoctions I have tried recently....

1-sushi with avocado, carrot and cucumber; pickled ginger and tamari
2-whole wheat/spelt bread with nuts, seeds and dried fruit
3-vegan minced meat filo pastry pie
4-pumkin, potato, veg meat named corn, soy and sellery gratin
5-chickpea salad
6-tosti vegan cheezly and fresh herb soycream. also; mega ultra amount of garlic.
7-dutch andijvie stampot with oatcream, mushrooms, a drizzle olive oil and lots of black pepper

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  1. ***later I found out that 'Corn' is in fact not vegan at all. they use eggwhites. I will probably have more of these little bloopers in the future. alas, it's my TAU, and I am on the road!