Renew Fabrics from Berlin

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I am in LOVE! with my new handprinted reclaimed fabric from RenewFabrics.
totally up my alley, this artist collects second-hand fabric locally, then prints on it with manual techniques to give it a second life, thus also encouraging a more sustainable use of fibers.

I am fantasizing often about printing my own linings. I have a huge amount of reclaimed and vintage fabric waiting for a use. However one can do only so much, I just haven't got the time at the moment so I am very happy to buy it from RFabrics on etsy! The beautiful red printed cotton is going to be the lining of some new pouches. In de past I have worked on my own reclaimed fabric project. It was my graduation project at the masterprogram MV&S, called UBERHIP. At the time I wanted to develope it into a real brand, selling in stores and on the internet. Something came in between : my boy! Maybe baby, one day....

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