and the winner is.....

sorry for keeping you waiting!

congratulations Briana!!


last day for the giveaway!!!

Tomorrow I will let my boy pick a winner:)


oh no, she didn't ....

For almost two years I try to grow my hair, without cutting...
yesterday i got the itch. Suddenly I though my hair was boring and needed a fix subiet. At ten in the evening no salon available, so I decided to do it myself. Ofcourse Desasterville was the only destiny I was heading to. somehow I managed to stop at a very crucial moment and made the decision to let a hairdresser finish the job.

Present time: I am sooooo hapy with my new haircut and just the look on her face when she first saw my coupe du crise, was worth it. My very talented hairdresser did tease me with all the brilliant ideas that could have been, would have been mine if not for my temporarily insanity!


underwater cuff giveaway/ hooray for etsy!!

There is so much to celebrate that i want to share my love and gratitude with you!

- over 700 hearts
- almost 40 sales
- SALM was in the voter for Euro week
_ I got many many many compliments from etsians, thanks so much!
- Salm was featured in an incredible amount of treasuries: love you all!
- at the moment on of my cardholders is featured in this rad artikel about
recycling/upcycling/etc : http://www.etsy.com/storque/spotlight/etsy-finds-clever-renewal-7734/

wuut wuuut!!!! I am a lucky happy person!

just leave a message and I will pick a winner on friday the 23th.
I haven' t put snapbuttons on it yet so I can make it to the size of the winner!!
So don't forget to leave your wrist size and emailadress!!

have a great week:)


we went to a small fleemarket and all he really wanted was this st***d plastic grasshopper....


stuff I am working on

sorry for the crappy pictures...
I am working on several custom orders at the moment.
It's great work and very satisfying!


En route

en route, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

Another package is on it's way! I still find it amazing when a package arrives in for instants Hong Kong, Essen or Orleans.
I always go look in my atlas to see where it is, the place to wich something I made is going. The fact that thousand miles away someone is using/ wearing my work is so exciting and almost surreal. Somehow reality, much more then dreams or fantasy, surprise me and gives me the feeling I am in a fairytale. At the same time I feel more alive because of the energy that comes with it.


the hunter

whuut:), originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

I spent many hours a week on thrifting, browsing the internet and attending fleemarkets to look for fabric, leather, thread, buttons etc etc. Yesterday was a great hunt!! I feel so lucky ever when I find something fabulous. This time it was two big big rolls of vintage fabric!