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Together with all the artist and craftspeople in the collective downstairs I participated at the apotheose of 'the week of sustainability' that was held on the 11th of june. Several workshops with a recycle-theme, exhibitions, music, free organic drinks and cake, a mobile garden project and artstudents selling handmade tees for a good cause made the day absolutly succesfull and fun. We closed the deal with a (veggie) BBQ and drinks.

So I tributed with a 'make your own awesome bracelet' thing. It wasn't even a real workshop. Basicly I just provided the tools, leather bits and pieces, rivets and snaps and some assistants. Further it was up to ones own what to make of it. Whoohoo what a blast! My table was full and busy the whole day and I hadn't even time to think. People really enjoyed it and made the most stunning cuffs and bracelets. Because of all the enthousiasm i am now planning on doing this more often!

***sawwy for the crappy iphonepictures***

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