a big cheer for ash & kimmy!!!! these tres jolie et gentile mademoiselles wrote a great piece about SALM! I am having a giveaway at their blog at the same time, so hush hush go over there and participate if you want to get your hands on a wallet!


....und jetzt etwas ganz anderes

At the 4th of july , I will be in Berlin!! if if if you're in the neighbourhood : come and find me at 'Sideseeing Berlin' !


Krystyna Turska

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Amazing polish illustrator!!!


Il Faut Manger

I love to eat, I love to cook, I love to watch other people cook, I love greenmarkets, I love foodblogs, I love cookbooks, I love supper clubs. Long time ago when I was in Paris I bought a little artwork at the rue de rivoli 59 . It is a drawing of a cook with the tekst: Il Faut Manger. It became my mantra and friends said yes buy it, it's typical you. So there you go, I confess, I am a foodie.

That doesn't mean I always take the time to cook though. Like yesterday. I made a quick meal that didn't look appetizing but it was delicious!!

Mashed potatoes and leek
lots of garlic
grated cheese
a little sojamilk
veggie italion squares

Some day I would like to host a supperclub or other type of occasional food projects.
Until then I read about and drewel at other peoples events:

not eating out in new york
blondie and brownie
otark productions
sunday suppers


bedtime stories

Ever since I became a mother I am sort of obsessed by childrensbooks (already during pregnancy..). Vintage ones in particular. I really don't want to read a story at bedtime out of a book that is not appealing to me. So I am a vivid childrensbook hoarder now however I am not quite sure if my son is aware of the beauty of his collection. But at least my visual tastebuds are satisfied and hopefully somehow he will grow up appreciating some of the esthetics I try to manipulate him with.........

Part one: Piet Worm

this Dutch artist made the most stunning illustrations. We have four of his books, the one shown here is called: three little horses go on holiday! perfect for the summer.


Je T'aime FRICDEMENTOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are so many talented artist on etsy that it makes having my own shop almost a minor engagement. Well, this having said, that is a bit of an exageration. Solely as purpose to make clear what an important part of my online-business it is to enjoy other peoples work and support artists while shoppping for the ultimate goodies.

One shop I bought from is FRICDEMENTOL. Run by the adorable sweet Ana Raimundo from Portugal. She makes the cutest prints, lavender sachets, paintings and more.


pump up das jam

I ran into this video in awesomeville, etsy's german blog: German music from the 80ties is the best! ever. period.


sundaymarket amsterdam

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it wasn't a sunny day as you can see, however it was fun and I had a great time! there was a big heavy cloud hanging over the netherlands , we were lucky with just a few drops and only at the end the cats and dogs. you could feel it in the atmosphere though. everyone was waiting for the storm to get on. hail, heavy wind, massive rain was all a possibility that day...

I met a lot of fellow etsiers and a good friend came to visit and brought some wine. haha . yes it was a great day. Matt from the etsy-berlin team came over for a visit to encounter the dutch. Very friendly happy guy and it was great to meet. In the evening there was a little gathering for dutchies on etsy but saddly I couldn't make it. My boy was just too tired, so we went home as soon as it was possible.

My friend jez, who I share a stand with, was very busy selling her great 'Supershirts' check it out here!

I really need to work on my presentation techniques.. however considering the fact that I came with public transport and my son , I guess it was OK.