Meet harry!

harry, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

we have to get to know each other a little bit more but I'm sure it's a match:)


best christmas presents

What I would like to see under the christmas tree for my son>

1: multi package Knofje with book, dvd and poppet. (check)
2&3: tell me a story from the lovely Sarah Neuburger of 'The Small Object'.
4 : fantastic pirate costume, 'Wovenplay'.
5: the best book ever , 'an awesome story' made by Dallas Clayton( CHECK!!) Thank you so so much Kay!
6 : stamp set, 'Yellow Owl Workshop'.


my daily hero

my daily hero, originally uploaded by ilfautmanger.

I went from this to a super mean lean sewingmachine! Finally I have a profffesional helper and in stead of peddeling with my foot its all electricity-driven, wow! And although I'am really happy with it, its seames as if I have to learn how to sew all over again. fast and furious he goes, I think I will call him harry, not sure yet. I already messed up a few cuffs and pouches so lots of samples and b-choices coming up...


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Sometimes I get in conflict with myself.
I really believe in this. However I make things and sell them.
Handmade and ecological, true, but what about the shipping and such.
Buy local only would probably be the best thing?


my first, my last, my everything

Straight after I graduated from my studies architecture and design strategy I got pregnant. I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. My life became a whirlpool of breastfeedings, diapers,first smiles,first bites, first steps, firsts of everything. Before, I took pictures of my work, my food, my house and beyond. But after somehow I could only take photographs of him, my lifechanging petit prince. In the last three years I slowly, very slowly transformed, from being a recent graduate, into a single mom into a creative stay and work at home mother. Wuut wuut! I finally have got the energy and drive to combine the best things in life. Here and now!