new beginnings

That was one helloffa retraite I took there... Sabbatical 2.0 if you like. My mother passed away, I got stuck in an major depression and my businness SALM couln't be saved at that time. Flatliner. Bieeeeeeeep. Sadness. Silence was the result. At this blog, and in general my life was on a slow pace. I've had therapy, medication and I have been cooking a lot. My saving goeroe is mother earth. I love gardening and I can't wait for the season to start. Digging in the earth, working outside and growing my own food has done more for me that I can describe. Things are so much beter now and I have learned some important things about myself. I wanted too much, too fast. I discovered that i am a 'one thing at the time' type of girl. Making and selling my work, network, being part of the homemade/etsy community, blog, taking care of my child and socialise with new friends on the internet was WAY out of my league. A new day, a new start and some loose ends to tie up ( you know who you are).