Happy Queensday 15% discount on Etsy!!

Today we celebrate the Queens birthday. Thrifting, eating, drinking and talking with long lost friends, strangers and in general having a blast. Do I think of the queen? not really, it's just a traditional, crazy fun day off.

And because were all queens in our own universe I will have 15% off all items in my shop today! just enter the code 'queenforaday ' at the check out:)

Homemade Sriracha is Heaven

Altough I am a fan of spicy sauce I do not like it hot hot heat. The famous Sriracha sauce is a bit too hot for me and thai sweet chili sauce too sweet. So I tried to make something in between. And boy I really succeed, this sauce is my new love, addiction and eat it with everything.

Puff pastry filled with beets and lentils, a salad with cilantro and ailoli plus a generous amount of my Sriracha

Mashed potatoes, baked tempeh ,cauliflower and....sriracha

First I put a whole bulb of peeled garlic cloves in an empty jar with two red and one green long pepper, a piece of fresh ginger , theespoon of salt and apple vinegar. I let it sit for 24 hours and then put it on the stove with two tablespoons of sucanat(whole cane sugar)for an hour.
After a spin in the kitchenmachine it was too thin and a bit tasteless so I added a tablespoon of agavesirop, a tablespoon homemade gingersirop and let it simmer until the right thickness. Holy Mackarel this stuff is heaven!! A bit spicy, not too sweet and major garlicy just the way I like it.


Vegan Potpourri

A few of my own vegan concoctions I have tried recently....

1-sushi with avocado, carrot and cucumber; pickled ginger and tamari
2-whole wheat/spelt bread with nuts, seeds and dried fruit
3-vegan minced meat filo pastry pie
4-pumkin, potato, veg meat named corn, soy and sellery gratin
5-chickpea salad
6-tosti vegan cheezly and fresh herb soycream. also; mega ultra amount of garlic.
7-dutch andijvie stampot with oatcream, mushrooms, a drizzle olive oil and lots of black pepper