2011 is THE place to be!

For this year I broke one of my habits to trade it for another one. Never have I made any resolutions when a fresh new year started. I might even mocked about that global tendency a tad. I know, i'm sorry. So what is this resolution that is making me turn my back to my principles?

Are you ready? It is something I am working towards slowly for awhile now. This year I am taking my animal friendly diet to the next level: No More Dairy Products!! Soyamilk is already a steady ingredient in my household to use in coffee, pancakes etc. HOWEVER I still use eggs occasionly and my haute cuisine gratins, oh how I love thee, won't be the same without the double creme and cheese. What will my life be without cheese?? I did not want to think about it. Untill now. Good grieve.

BUT. I am strongly against factory farming . AND I have serious doubts breastmilk from a cow is something my body needs. I mean, seriously? Why eat cheese then you ask? Well because it's so damn tasty and I love it in all it's varieties. Which is the worst excuus ever to do something right?

I won't go cold turkey though. I need some time to adjust and learn about alternatives and dive into the vegan community to find out what workes for me.


so far I have made:

-vegan muffins: total failure but tasty enough to eat..
-vegan boerenkool/mashed potatoes and kale with onion gravy and sundried tomato tofu. YUM!
- overnite oats for breakfast >>> I found this recipe on Bonzai Aphrodite.

Here and now, health and compassion, 2011 is the place to be!


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