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Two things made me cry a little today. And while I am typing it, I hear cowboy bill say ìn my head; “ is that a good thing” ? I guess it is.

1: we were on our way to this sandsculpture thing, wich was not what i expected it to be at all and not worth the sweaty trip if you ask me. However, along the way i didn´t realise, until I saw this souvenir shop, that we were walking next to a piece of the wall that was standing between east and west Berlin. It hit me right in the face and I was quite emotional about it. Talking about the real being surreal. Until this day i can´t imagine there was reality for many years. I never got the whole communism ideals anyway. and what about putting a wall around your World to be protected; against what exactly, doesn‘t it come from within? For those of you who don't have a clue, I cant explain what happened in a short writing , i will leave you with this and some links at the bottom.

I am having trouble with believing truth in general , especially when it comes to recent history. With ancient history i can deal with the horrible facts and desaster stories . Not that I confide with it, it´s just easier to digest . I can say how barbarian or what middevel yearks. I can even make yokes about it. Once i made a 'Vive la VOC' diner at a non-profit cafe that contained all kinds of Asian herbs and spices in every course. I mean if it wasn´t for the Dutch and some others (!) that conquered/plundered multiple continents, our menu would not be this diverse . No cinnamon, no cloves, no pepper ,no nothing. It was a terrible period but thank god we have passed that and we are civilised human beings now. Or ?
That is the problem with being confronted with, for instants, this piece of the wall. People I know have experienced it. My grandmother ate tulipballs in amsterdam during the 2th ww,.

2; On our way back to the hotel all the bars and restaurants had a big screen or tv showing the socker game between the Netherlands and Brasil. Almost all Germans were pro Holland and very fierce about it. In the Netherlands somehow World Championship socker always opens up the old wounds of the german reich. I don´t know what the current generation has to do with it but the German socker team doesn´t get the respect that the Dutch team gets over here. And i am putting it nicely. This also gave me goosebums and got me all tearyeyed and I desperately wanted to hug everyone. Which I didn´t because i am a chicken. Instead we went for another perfect pizza outsight at La Romantica (!) and watched the end of the game with noise and yelling coming from every corner. Thank you Berlin for being so proud of your neighbours.

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