Il Faut Manger

I love to eat, I love to cook, I love to watch other people cook, I love greenmarkets, I love foodblogs, I love cookbooks, I love supper clubs. Long time ago when I was in Paris I bought a little artwork at the rue de rivoli 59 . It is a drawing of a cook with the tekst: Il Faut Manger. It became my mantra and friends said yes buy it, it's typical you. So there you go, I confess, I am a foodie.

That doesn't mean I always take the time to cook though. Like yesterday. I made a quick meal that didn't look appetizing but it was delicious!!

Mashed potatoes and leek
lots of garlic
grated cheese
a little sojamilk
veggie italion squares

Some day I would like to host a supperclub or other type of occasional food projects.
Until then I read about and drewel at other peoples events:

not eating out in new york
blondie and brownie
otark productions
sunday suppers

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