Je T'aime FRICDEMENTOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are so many talented artist on etsy that it makes having my own shop almost a minor engagement. Well, this having said, that is a bit of an exageration. Solely as purpose to make clear what an important part of my online-business it is to enjoy other peoples work and support artists while shoppping for the ultimate goodies.

One shop I bought from is FRICDEMENTOL. Run by the adorable sweet Ana Raimundo from Portugal. She makes the cutest prints, lavender sachets, paintings and more.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Sanne, it's a pleasure having you as my customer, as my fan, as the owner of one of my favorites etsy shops and, most of all, as my friend on this giant global ball. I'm so happy for having the chance to cross our 'stitched lines' :)
    Thank you so much!**

  2. ana's work is really great! she keeps surprising me and recently did it again with the most stunning stitched packaging, have you seen it?
    i love your work too!