sundaymarket amsterdam

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it wasn't a sunny day as you can see, however it was fun and I had a great time! there was a big heavy cloud hanging over the netherlands , we were lucky with just a few drops and only at the end the cats and dogs. you could feel it in the atmosphere though. everyone was waiting for the storm to get on. hail, heavy wind, massive rain was all a possibility that day...

I met a lot of fellow etsiers and a good friend came to visit and brought some wine. haha . yes it was a great day. Matt from the etsy-berlin team came over for a visit to encounter the dutch. Very friendly happy guy and it was great to meet. In the evening there was a little gathering for dutchies on etsy but saddly I couldn't make it. My boy was just too tired, so we went home as soon as it was possible.

My friend jez, who I share a stand with, was very busy selling her great 'Supershirts' check it out here!

I really need to work on my presentation techniques.. however considering the fact that I came with public transport and my son , I guess it was OK.

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  1. Hey, it was so nice meeting you! Wasn't it a fabulous day? Your stuff is gorgeous.

  2. Oh, zo jammer dat we elkaar niet gezien hebben! Ik was er als bezoeker, en heb je helemaal gemist!!

    Next time :)